Dawid Kronenberg

Born 1968, Gdansk, Poland.

Throughout my life, I have been fascinated by beautiful things created within the framework of high technology. Yes in the audio industry, in automobiles or in architecture too.

I fully understood why one Jaguar model is an exhibit in an art gallery. It is one of thousands of objects that deserve it.

It is my dream to achieve such status in aquaristics. That is, to create aquariums where there is technology that meets several of the following, essentially simple requirements.

Aquariums and technology that:

Is reliable. Is inaudible. Is odorless. Is childlike. Is imperceptible. It is perfectly transparent. It is durable.

Following these principles, our aquariums are made of acrylic (PMMA). Our filtration is three separate sub-filters. There is no visible technology in the aquarium. We work with the best components, guaranteeing durability. Our filtration technology can be used even in bedrooms. Our aquariums are minimalistic and refined in every detail.

To become proficient at something you need to devote a mini 10,000 h to it. I have already devoted more, but fortunately I still have something to work on.